Videoluda semajnfino Ludo 2022 ☆ Videogame weekend at the Esperanto-Stacio
Ne-Esperanta evento, sed duono el la aliĝintoj parolas Esperanton!


Ludo is an event held at the Esperanto-Stacio in Halbe (just outside Berlin) on 14-16 October 2022. This will be an extended videogame weekend in which we'll play everything from modern to retro game systems. For example, we'll play VR together on the Oculus Quest 2 as well as cloud gaming on Google Stadia and even offer a 2-player modern dance pad experience similar to Dance Dance Revolution. As for retro, we'll have systems from Pong to Wii. We also have a 4K projector on a 100" screen for an epic local multiplayer gaming experience that's hard to get anywhere else!
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Bahnhofstraße 30, 15757 Halbe