Mallonga prezento de Esperanto ☆ Quick introduction to Esperanto
15:00 - 17:00
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Rainer Kurz en du horoj klarigas la bazon de Esperanto ☆ Free two-hour lesson by Rainer Kurz


Esperanto is a language that was created over 130 years ago to be an international second language. Today it is spoken by about 1 million people in over 100 countries. Esperanto is arguably the easiest language to learn. Some people learn it within 20 hours. This time we’ll be even more ambitious: We’ll try to get you to speak it within 2 hours!

In this free two-hour lesson, we’ll cover the following:
▶︎ Facts and basic idea of Esperanto
▶︎ History
▶︎ Strength and weaknesses
▶︎ Pronunciation (super-easy)
▶︎ Grammar (we’ll quickly present the 16 rules which, by the way, have no exceptions)
▶︎ Coffee and tea break (free of charge)
▶︎ Vocabulary (you’ll be surprised how many words you already know / can create)
▶︎ How to use Esperanto in Sydney
▶︎ How to use Esperanto when travelling
▶︎ How to use Esperanto if you don’t like to leave home
▶︎ How to become an Esperanto expert

Today’s teacher, Rainer Kurz, initially learned Esperanto for 20 hours until he did his first Esperanto travel (to Japan). Since then he has used Esperanto to travel to over 40 countries.
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