Esperanto Society of Sacramento: Paralela Universo 2019
11:00 - 18:00
Elekti horzonon
Parallel Universe 2019


In lieu of our August meeting, our group is going to participate again this year in a fun worldwide event called Parallel Universe. Esperanto-speakers in various cities worldwide will gather in their local areas on the same day, August 17, 2019. Each local group will eat lunch (and possibly dinner) together and explore tourist destinations in their area while speaking Esperanto. A big part of the event is connecting with the other groups around the world in real time via social media. You do not need to speak Esperanto fluently to attend; beginners are welcome and we will use English as needed.

This year, our Northern California groups are taking a tour of Stanford University. The architecture and campus are very beautiful and fun to explore. For full details, see

If you'd like to caravan, carpool or take public transit to Stanford as a group, contact Amanda.

For general information about the event (in Esperanto), see For full event details, see

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