Kial Nobel-premiitoj parolas Esperanton ☆ Why Nobel Prize Winners speak Esperanto
15:00 - 17:00
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Wednesday at Esperanto House (or Skype) with Rainer Kurz


(You can also join by Skype "rainer-kurz" if you cannot come in person)

In 1994 Reinhard Selten (pictured) received the Nobel Prize in Economics, together with John Nash (played by Russell Crowe in the Academy Award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind”).

Prof. Selten and today’s presenter, Rainer Kurz, know each other through the international language, Esperanto, and have worked together closely. This presentation will be about why five Nobel Prize winners have also been Esperanto speakers.

Rainer will speak about what it is like to work with a Nobel Prize winner in Esperanto. He will also present a professional video interview with Prof. Selten in Esperanto (with English subtitles), visible also on YouTube (

After the free coffee and tea break, Rainer will present the basic facts and ideas of Esperanto and show how to use Esperanto in Sydney and the world.

Rainer Kurz, former president of the German Esperanto Association, is currently visiting Australia. He initially learned Esperanto for 20 hours until he did his first Esperanto travel (to Japan). In the meantime he has used Esperanto to travel to over 40 countries and holds board positions in several international Esperanto organisations.
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