Lingva kafejo - Esperanto
17:30 - 22:00 (MET)
Elekti horzonon
Kun Federico Gobbo


This Wednesday we are hosting a language café/workshop all about Esperanto, together with one of the very few Esperanto professors in the world: Federico Gobbo. This expert will teach us some Esperanto language and history. Join us in room 1.15 at 17:30!

Afterwards at 19:00, we'll have our weekly drinks at the Leeuwenkuil (basement canteen), for which we've also invited the Linguistics department staff. Have a drink with your favourite teachers, and your favourite classmates too. The perfect opportunity to ask your teacher to bump your grade up from a 5,6 to a 9! 

If these aren't enough reasons to come: there will be free pizza and drinks!

See you there 
kaj havu bonan tagon!
Spuistraat 134



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Indiku ke vi interesiĝas kaj vi ricevos memorigajn retmesaĝojn pri la evento.

Federico Gobbo