🖥 Esperanto lesson for beginners and post-beginners ☆ Esperanto-leciono por komencantoj kaj komencintoj
18:30 - 19:30
Elekti horzonon
Weekly course on Thursdays!


If you’d like to start learning Esperanto, or if you’ve already done a little by yourself but haven’t had the chance to speak the language out loud, this course is for you. It is based on  “Esperanto by Direct Method” by Stano Marček.

When? Every Thursday at 18:30 (UK time).

Start date? The course started on Sept, 16th. It is still possible to join.

How long? One hour.

Where? We use Zoom.

Level? This course is aimed at complete beginners and at people who have just started learning Esperanto.

Interested? Register on: https://northlondonesperanto.com/weekly-online-esperanto-courses-for-beginners

Any questions? Please visit https://northlondonesperanto.com/contact-us



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