Jarfina evento: Zamenhofa tago
19:00 - 21:00
Elekti horzonon
Zamenhof Day End of Year Event


Each year the Esperanto community celebrates Zamenhof’s birthday with a big party - lots of music, good food, good company, poetry, lectures, theatre, and other entertainment.

You are all invited to come and enjoy the program, or even contribute to it with your own special talents (let us know at heather@melburno.org.au about your program item - it doesn't have to be much, and it can be musical if you're not yet fluent in Esperanto).

Bring along a plate of food to share at our delicious banquet.

COST: Free!

NOTE: We will also be having the AGM of the Melbourne Esperanto Association from 6.30pm before the main festivities kick off. We encourage those who have the time and interest to participate to come along and give your opinion and ideas about our future.