Esperanto-Toronto: paroliga rondo por komencantoj
13:00 - 15:00
Elekti horzonon
Esperanto Conversation for Beginners


Please RSVP if you plan to attend. If you find later that you can't make it, that's OK (but please update your RSVP if possible). We prefer to ensure we have enough fluent Esperantists in attendance for a beneficial experience for the beginners.

Host Note (I may be unable to attend due to work, which will be stated in advance in the comments for the specific week. However, so long as there are people signed up, the event will not be cancelled.)

Look for a small Esperanto flag on the table.

This is an informal drop-in, so no need to worry about being on time. Feel free to invite any friends who may be interested. The goal is to make beginners feel comfortable speaking Esperanto. If you're a fluent Esperantist and would like to help out, we encourage you to come. We ask that those of you who are fluent speak slowly and clearly in Esperanto. Beginners are encouraged to speak Esperanto but should feel free to use English (or another national language, depending on who is in attendance) if they feel stuck.

Note: The meeting is not a classroom-type instruction of Esperanto but for those who are learning independently using books and/or Internet courses. The meeting is meant to complement self-study by giving learners the chance to speak and listen to Esperanto in real life.
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