Esperanto Manchester

We're a group of people who are interested in learning and practising Esperanto, the international language.

This isn't anything formal: we won't be listening to lectures or anything like that. We're just a bunch of people from around Greater Manchester who enjoy Esperanto and would love to meet other people and chat in a relaxed environment.

We try to hold a regular meetings:

"Kafo kaj Kuko" on the first Wednesday of the month in the Starbucks in the Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre, Manchester (M20 5PG) from 2030.

Also, keep an eye out for our other social events that take place at different times and places throughout the year.

If you're interested but don't yet know Esperanto, why not give the course on Duolingo a go or pop by the Lernu site?

Please note that although under 18s are welcome to our events, they must be accompanied by an adult.
Manchester, GB


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Martin Rue